Dear colleagues,
On December 20, 2019, International Scientific Seminar on “Issues of legal, organizational, scientific and practical support of the development of the forensic field (experience and achievements of Armenia and foreign countries)” will be held at the National Bureau of Expertises of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.
The seminar is going to take place, in anticipation of the development of the law draft “On forensic science activity” of the Republic of Armenia planned for 2020, taking into account the need to reconsider prospective approachesto develop and achieve an increase of effectiveness of forensic science activities in the republic, as legal support today does not fully ensure the development of basis of forensic science.
At the present stage of the development of forensic activity in Armenia, a very important issue is the international integration of our country into the global and regional legal space, development and formation of unified forensic methods at the level of modern technological requirements, i.e. unification of legislation on forensic science activity, application of a unified approach, criteria, rules, recommendations, as well as methods and techniques for conducting researches, irrespective of the type of expertise. Thus, the main result is  considered to be the scientific validity, objectivity and reliability of the provision of expertise, and, importantly, possible shortening of the time periodof conducting expertisein legal procedure.
In order to exchange scientific and practical information, the scope of the seminarsuppose the participation of forensic experts of Armenia, as well as lawyers, judges, representatives of the prosecutor’s office and investigative bodies, whose activities are related to conduction of forensic researches. It is also planned to establish an online connection with the leading scientists from forensic institutions of Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Minsk, Nur-Sultan, Tbilisi and Kishinev, who will present 15-20 minute reports on the topic of the conference.
Within the framework of the conference, it is supposed to consider and discuss the following problems of forensic science activity through public discussions:
  1. Modernization of the legal framework, that contributes to the improvementof the quality of forensic expertise,
  2. Exchange of relevant information on new achievements in the expert field with specialized forensic institutions participating in this seminar with the aim of implementing the best achievements into the practice of the National Bureau of Expertises of RA,
  3. Discussion of organizational issues to increase the level of interaction with the criminal prosecution and justice administration authorities,
  4. Consideration of strategic objectives for the development and implementation of new types of research, as well as improving the existing methodological base,
  5. Strengthening international cooperation through bilateral contacts with foreign forensic institutions, as well as within the framework of European Network of Forensic Institutes and forensic structures of the Eurasian Economic Union,
  6. Trainings and improvement of the qualifications of experts.